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2016 Orvis Guide of the Year Finalist

2015 Orvis Guide Service of the Year Finalist

Judson Cole

Jud was born with a fishing rod in his hand! Though maybe not literally, he was certainly destined for a life on the water.  

Jud is originally from Abilene, TX and grew up in a very outdoor driven family. The outdoors was for him what video games are to some, a way to lose yourself in something. Although not always with a fly rod, as a youngster, he could often be seen floating around in a leaky, decrepit, paddleboat, fishing for anything that will bite. “I was fascinated by life below the surface of the water; and wanting to hold it, if only for a second, in my hands,” Jud is quoted.  

After a short stint in the corporate world, Jud began guiding full time in the Hill Country.  He has been guiding on the Guadalupe for over 6 years now and calls this river home.  He also chases the warm water species in the many other Hill Country Rivers.  The San Marcos is his favorite, and if you get the chance to fish there with him, ask about the Marcos Madness.  In the summer you can find him guiding on the Roaring Fork and Frying Pan Rivers in Colorado.

“I get to share my passion for the outdoors with my clients, and I enjoy watching their faces react, in much the same way as mine so many years ago. They are discovering something new about themselves and their surroundings. I am rewarded with many friendships made on the river and have shared time on the water with many successful and inspiring people. Many of these people comment about me ‘living the life that they only dream about!’ That is reward enough for me!”